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TimeWorkPol – work agency providing professional recruitment services focusing on finding workers in Eastern Europe.

We are able to effectively meet your requirements in terms of worker recruitment. Our CV database contains profiles of professionals in all fields.

We seek out specialists from a range of professions. We conduct recruitment in large numbers, providing personnel for entire departments. We will find a professional that meets your criteria to a tee.

What our partners say about us

We appreciate Time Work Pol for their professional approach to communication and for their timely and professional services, as well as their determination to meet our specific requirements depending on the given project and client we are working with.

We consider Time Work Pol to be a reliable partner and can recommend their services.


In order to find qualified welders, we turned to Time Work Pol. The consultants are attentive and strive to consider and fulfil all requests. Throughout our cooperation the consultants displayed professionalism and careful approach to our needs, and they met the highest standard of work quality. As a result, we ended up employing 5 highly qualified welders.


Why choose us?

Workers database

We operate a sizable register of workers from Eastern Europe.

Quality customer service

We provide full information support throughout your cooperation with us.

Legal employment

We guarantee complete legitimacy of employment. We work on a contract basis.

Individual selection

We will find a professional who fully satisfies your criteria.

TimeWorkPol – employment agency in Europe

We deliver high quality services in foreign employment. We offer initial consultations regarding foreign employment. We also provide full support all the way up to the moment of you signing the employment contract with your selected employer.

Call us or apply via our website. We are hoping for a successful cooperation in seeking and finding work abroad. We are always ready to respond to your calls and messages. We are confident that you will be able to find a job with an income that will exceed your boldest dreams!

What our employees say

Looking to improve the financial situation of my family I followed the advice of my friends and came to this agency to find work in Poland. I was interviewed by professional and kind advisors who helped me find suitable positions. I chose the most optimal offer in terms of work conditions and salary. All formalities were dealt with quickly and completely legally. Regrettably, it took a while to receive a visa, but at the end of the day, I got the job, and that is what’s important. Today I have an employment contract and I’m satisfied.

Olga Kurilcewa

I’m a welder. I struggled for a long time to meet someone who could help me find a good employer abroad. Finally, I found out about Time Work Pol through my friends. It took the agency literally only a few days to find job offers in Poland and Germany that met my expectations in terms of pay and conditions. Thank you guys for your work that helps people earn money. By the way, this is my second year working in Germany.

Oleg Danejko

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